"In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that 
money cannot buy - to whit, the wag of a dog's tail."
Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885)




Breaksea Beardies Around the World

Breaksea Harmony (Joy), Malaysia
Breaksea Winter Holly (Holly), France
Breaksea Bananarama (Millie), France

Breaksea Kind of Magic (Cerydwen), France

Ch. Breaksea Another Song (Bess) USA

IntCh. Breaksea November Mist (Buffy) Czech Republic

Am/Can CH Breaksea November Storm HIC CGC RL1 (AOE) RA (Dinah) USA

Breaksea Revelation (Maya) Ireland

IntCh. Breaksea Bounty (Milla) Norway

Ch. Breaksea Gone Native (Gilly) USA

Ch. Breaksea Sexy Sadie  (Whitney) NZ

Ch. Breaksea Liebestraum (Libby) USA

Breaksea Simplification (Molly) USA

Ch. Breaksea Paper Dragon (Lucy) USA

Ch. Breaksea  Mai Tai (Cailee) Hawaii

Gilly on the left and Dylan on the right.

Photo by Chet Jezierski